FAR snc was established on 18 February 1980, its first orders were for general carpentry products produced to specifications and designs from clients operating in various sectors.

The choice to work with stainless steel from the start of our business has allowed us to grow over the years, with significant experience in various methods of welding and moulding, enabling the business to achieve optimum quality levels and highly desirable products.

Experience, Quality, Flexibility, Ability

Experience, Quality, Flexibility, Ability to always find the right solution to clients’ problems: These are the strengths which characterise us on the market as suppliers for major national and foreign companies.

The fact that we operate in different sectors is another important feature: Successfully transferring innovative solutions developed and perfected for one market to other markets enables us to constantly expand our corporate vision.

In this light, FAR DRYCLEANING srl (December 2004) was established and subsequently acquired by FAR srl (December 2009).


Since the early 80s, MARINELLI srl has been the market leader in the industrial washing sector, as a manufacturer and supplier of components for industrial dry cleaning machines, becoming a benchmark thanks to its strong experience and ability to meet customers’ demands using the “just in time” method.

From the outset, the production of all stainless steel parts was entrusted to FAR snc as a key supplier.

On 3 January 2003 an important synergistic trade agreement was finalised between FAR srl and MARINELLI srl, as the first step towards the total transfer (01 January 2005) of MARINELLI srl’s assets to the division of FAR DRYCLEANING srl, which is 100% owned by the holding company FAR srl.

December 2009 saw the acquisition of FAR DRYCLEANING srl by FAR srl, in the last formal act in this corporate merge which had existed de facto for some time.

Having been in the sector for over 30 years as manufacturers and retailers, we are now undisputed Leaders in the supply of reliable, high quality components. Thanks to the great experience of our staff and our ability to meet the demands of our Clients, we have become an important point of reference for the best industrial washing machine manufacturers in the world.

The Quality of our products and our flexibility are distinguishing and key factors of our philosophy, which also provides that we always seek to improve.


The organization of our operations allocates responsibilities according to the best capacities of each member of staff:

  • our sales department is always ready to meet demands and requests from Clients, and to distribute them within the company;
  • our technical department develops products and solutions, including those designed by the Client;
  • the production of all stainless steel parts is managed internally, using high technologies applied;
  • our components warehouse and assembly departments, operating on a “just in time” basis, assure flexibility of supply and compliance with the delivery dates agreed.