Cartridge filters KR series

These have the same features as the C Series cartridge filters, but use larger internal cartridges with a greater surface area, with standard dimensions as filtering elements - 330 mm in diameter, 460 mm high for the whole cartridge, or 330 mm in diameter, 230 mm high for a half cartridge.

They are made of AISI 304 or AISI 316L stainless steel, and may come with the following types of cartridge:

  • * filtering only
  • * decolorate only (with only carbon)
  • * absorbent only (with silicates only )
  • * filtering/absorbent
  • * filtering / decolorate
  • * absorbent/ decolorate
  • * filtering/absorbent/ decolorate
based on the above, the various models can be used in different filtering processes.