Cartridge filters / carbon towers C series

This type of filter uses one or more internal cartridges, with standard dimensions (200 mm in diameter, 360 mm high) as a filtering element. Made of AISI 304 or AISI 316L stainless steel, and based on the type of cartridge used:

  • filtering only
  • decolorate only (with carbon only)
  • absorbent only (with silicates only )
  • filtering/absorbent
  • filtering / decolorate
  • absorbent/ decolorate
  • filtering/absorbent/ decolorate

The various filter models can be used in different filtering processes.

For example, they are an excellent solution used as Carbon Towers to discolour clothes during the washing cycle in dry cleaning machines, equipped with carbon cartridges only.

Depending on the model, the filters may be positioned vertically or horizontally.